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Empowered Living
Lisa teaches people to live by design and how to focus on what’s most important in life.

Topics include:
Motivation and Leadership
Purpose and Productivity
Self care and the proverbial life balance
She speaks to Entrepreneurs, Moms and especially Working Mamas!
“There’s energy and then there’s energy with passion! Lisa Druxman engages audiences with a passion that is contagious. Lisa is informative, motivating and charismatic in delivering a presentation that hits it out of the ballpark." Maria Bailey, Host of Mom Talk Radio and Founder of BlueSuitMom.Com.

"Lisa Druxman brings a unique blend of strength and vulnerability to her talks. Whether speaking to 500 CEOs or 1,000 moms, Lisa understands how to connect, challenge and inspire her audience. With a true gift for storytelling and a powerful message that resonates with diverse audiences, Lisa is a fantastic addition to any program." Steve Dobbins, SVP of Member Engagement.

The Empowered Mama (NEW)
The definition of empower is to make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights. Lisa Druxman is going to empower moms to create a life they love. She shares how to live a values driven life and how to focus on what matters most. 
Daydreams To Destiny 
Lisa Druxman shares her personal story as a child with ADD who lived in a life of daydreams. A life changing event inspired her to change her destiny, turning her can’ts into can’s. 
Lisa then shares how her challenge as a new mom turned into a multi million dollar business opportunity. She travels you through the trials and tribulations of growing one of America’s fastest growing franchise.
How To Grow Your Company and Hold Your Own Well Being Sacred
In order to be a great leader, a great parent, you need to lead yourself. We are always told to put our oxygen mask on first. But most people just don’t know how to do it; especially if they are busy with work and family. Lisa shares practical and purposeful strategies for how to take care of your own well being while thriving in your business and family. 
Creating A Feminine Growth Culture
Across the world, more women are working than ever. Unfortunately, social arrangements have not kept up with the change. This talk will inspire workplaces on how to create a culture that thrives because of women’s strengths and will inspire women how to set up their family structure for sanity and success. 
The 25th Hour
What would you do with a 25th hour? Do you think you would exercise, play, meditate? Probably not. You would fill it just as you do your other 24. Lisa is a productivity hacker. As a busy mom, she shares how she gets what’s most important done and how she blocks time so that there is always enough of it for what’s most important to you! 

Samples of Past Speaking Engagements