Success Sprints

       To create positive habits in our lives, we must first have a goal. We tend to overthink and doubt our abilities to reach our goals - when they are just hopes and dreams. 

You need a plan to create that success in your life! 

          Success Sprints takes you on a 30 day experience in areas that make your life easier - so you can create the life you love to live (without the overwhelm). 


Master Your Time

How often have you set out to build new habits only to feel guilty that you are stuck in your same old ways? Don't feel bad..It’s time not just for knowledge, but for action. 

You will not only learn, but you'll TAKE ACTION on:

Figuring out your MIT’s (Most Important Tasks)

Creating your time budget

How to batch, block and delegate for maximum productivity

How to have margin (AKA: Ahhh Space!) in your day and time for daily joy

Experience more daily joy - because you have more time for what makes you happy. 

The best part, you'll discover that you have time for what really matters to you - and experience

less stress to get everything done as a busy mom. 

Lisa taught me the importance of creating margins in my day. If I have to be at the bus stop to get the kids at 3:25, I can’t be working on a task at 3:24. Now, 20 minutes before my work day ends, you can find me instead wrapping up the last thing for today, and writing out my important tasks and schedule for the next day. - Amy H.

Lisa’s tried and true time management tips are a game changer. As a mom of 4, wife and business owner she has helped me figure out how to be thoughtful and purposeful with the time I have and to focus on what is most important. - Kristy C.

Mindful Mama

Have you ever felt like you just needed a moment to yourself?

As mamas - we love our family - So we work, we manage the carpool, plan and clean up for birthday parties, pick up toys 5 times a day, meal plan for the week and cook, pay the bills - and people wonder why women have higher stress levels overall. 

Studies show that more women than men have both a career outside the home and continue to try to juggle traditional responsibilities after hours. Women are the caretakers of society. 

Right now I'm guessing that....

You realize there is way more to life than feeling this stressed out.

How did I create this life that feels like it’s always spinning out of control?

Why am I constantly worried and stressed and now I'm missing out on the everyday joys?

It's about time you learned to thrive, instead of just survive.

Lisa Druxman and her programs have helped me become more mindful in all aspects of my life. Her systems have taught me organizational skills such as time blocking. Not only is my role as a new momboss flourishing, but I am more organized at home, more present with my husband and kids, and all around a happier calmer person because I truly feel in control of my days instead of overwhelmed by them like I used to be. - K. Reinert

”Before becoming a mom, I used to mediate every morning. As my life/routine changed, I lost consistency in my practice. Lisa helped me motivate and reset. I decided to set up a meditation space in my bedroom so that it’s the FIRST thing I see when I wake up. If I miss the morning, I do my best to let go of the guilt and restart the next day. “ - H.M. Jursca


Organize Your Life

Organizing your life doesn't have to feel like a chore. This class will change frustrations into feel good moments - in just 10 minutes a day. The clutter in our lives can take over and cause a ton of frustration. It's time to stop thinking about living an organized life and start living it! 


  • Finally experiencing less stress because your home feels clean and organized.
  • Taking less time finding the important things. (Your purse, Keys, Shoes? Yes Please!)
  • Creating a home and a life that feels easy, beautiful, and inviting.
  • Taking pride in knowing you don’t have to search for hours through your inbox looking for that important email - because you know where it is.
  • Your family had systems to help keep their things organized too!
  • This can all be yours! I’ll help you build this valuable habit in just 10 minutes a day for 4 weeks!
As a new mom to twins, I felt really overwhelmed by all of the things my family needed. We grew very quickly and I wasn’t prepared. Before I knew it, my house was overflowing with items I didn’t even need. Lisa helped me see what was essential for my family and what needed to go. Having her help saved my sanity and helped me get my home back. I highly recommend this course! - Galina B

”Working with Lisa on organizing my home has made me more aware of how I spend my time. I used to spend so much time looking for things in the morning and I was always late! Now, since I’ve taken her course- my family has a routine and we even shop less. More family time is a win in my book!” - Amber D.