The Joy of Living Planner + Journal

The Joy of Living Planner + Journal


Creating more joy in our lives needs to be intentional. That’s why I created The Joy of Living Planner + Journal Digital Download exclusively for those moms on a mission to live their best life.

I want to share all my secrets, insights, and structures I have set up for myself as a mom, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and founder of FIT4MOM with YOU!

This includes The Joy Experience (a video series) that shares more about how I plan my day and how to make this planner + journal work for you!

Once you purchase the planner (which is a digital download) - you will receive a confirmation email. Our team will reach out to you within 24 hours to give you access to the course and planner.


The Joy of Living Planner + Journal is a digital download you have access to…..

  • Create More Daily Joy with Journaling

  • Outline your Self Care M.E.D.

  • Set Your Intention for Your MITs

  • Reflect and Ground Yourself In Gratitude

  • Effectively Track Your Habits

  • Plan Out Your Days, Months, And Years

  • Set and Achieve Your Goals

  • Commit To Your Positive Affirmations

  • And More!

By ordering the planner + journal downloads, you’re also getting exclusive VIP entrance into The Joy Experience that gives you a video series that walks you through creating your best life!