Success Sprints: Master Your Time

Success Sprints: Master Your Time


Lisa Druxman helps you establish positive habits to become a Master of YOUR time once and for all. This Success Sprints takes you through simple strategies to understand how you're spending your time and how to get more of it for yourself and your family. You'll get worksheets, daily action items, and support within the exclusive FB group for added accountability!

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Master Your Time with Success Sprints

Someday is not on any calendar and that's why mastering your time is so important. This 30 day experience guides you to create a system that works for you - and your busy lifestyle.

Some of the best advice Lisa ever gave me was, “Just remember when you say yes to something, you are saying no to something else.” I think about this almost daily when I get asked to do things. Usually saying yes to something (especially on nights and weekends) means I’m saying no to spending time with my kids or husband. I have really taken that advice to heart and given myself permission to say no more often.
— Lisa W.
Lisa taught me the importance of creating margins in my day. If I have to be at the bus stop to get the kids at 3:25, I can’t be working on a task at 3:24. Now, 20 minutes before my work day ends, you can find me instead wrapping up the last thing for today, and writing out my important tasks and schedule for the next day.
— Amy H.
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