Your Soul Shine To-Do List

How do you feel when you look at your to do list? Overwhelmed? Does it spill off the page? Does it feel like there is never enough time to get it all done? What if your to do list actually made you happy and healthy? It can! I personally have revamped my to do list and it is the key to making my soul shine!

Divide your to do list into three columns.

Column 1 - Your usual list of to do’s. From work to errands, just get it out of your head and into one place. Many mamas tell us that this simple act makes it seem less daunting.

Column 2 - Soul Shine list. Every day, Do…..

  • One thing that brings you joy - Don’t wait for weekends to enjoy your life. Consider going on a walk outside, taking an epsom bath or simply lighting a favorite candle.

  • One thing to give to others. Can be as simple as writing a letter or picking up a phone. Maybe it’s paying it forward when in line at Starbucks.

  • Write down one thing you are grateful for. The simple act of giving thanks is good for your body, your mind and your spirit. It increases happiness and decreases stress. It’s a well worth it item “to do”.

Column 3 - MED List. You may remember we talked about MED in a past blog post. This stands for Minimum Effective Dose. What are 3 things you need to do each day to maintain your essential foundation for health?

Our to do lists truly never end. But this to do list will help you achieve daily health and happiness. You will never be so excited to check something off!

Get ready to create a life YOU LOVE to live with me!

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