How Working Moms Can Support One Another

It takes a village. We’ve all heard it. But when you are a busy working mama, we often feel like we are doing it all alone. With over 70% of millennial moms working, I think we have an opportunity to make life easier for one another.  Forgive the hippy concept, but co-op’s for working moms would be a dream. We can at least take some of the highlights of a co-op (defined as working together for the same common goal) and bring them into our working moms life.

Here are 5 ways working moms can support one another.

  1. Child Swap. Don’t have money for a nanny or babysitter? Find a working mama friend and do some childcare trade. You might be surprised at how many moms would be interested. And even more surprised as how much benefit you can get from just a few child free hours.

  2. Carpool. If you have school age kids, they are going to school 5 days a week. That is 10 rides needed every single week! Such a big part of your day. Set up a carpool with as many moms as your car will hold. My ideal is to drive one day per week!

  3. Pick Up Please. Errands are a huge time suck. When you head out to Target, the market, etc. ask your close by working mom friends if they need anything. We can save each other so much time if we co-op errands.

  4. Be real. This won’t help your workload but it will help you feel better. Be real with one another. Let your friend come over and see the house a mess. Be authentic about the struggle in balancing it all. We can release some of the unrealistic pressure we feel from seeing other’s seemingly perfect lives.

  5. Start a working mom support group. We as women are wired for connection. Start a group in your neighborhood where you meet once a month. Share what’s working, what you need help with and what resources you have to share. Let it be a place to celebrate one another!

Mama, we want you to feel empowered, to feel in control of your life and to claim your peace and happiness. For more ways to regain control of your time, your health and yourself, check out my new book, The Empowered Mama. I would love to support you as you design a life you love to live.

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