8 Postpartum Tips

8 Postpartum Tips

  1. Don’t wait! Actually, start some gentle stretching in bed at the hospital. It’s not a time to strain or stress your body but gentle movement will help you restore and recover. You can do exercises such as cat / cow, a heel slide and abdominal bracing for example. (Note: Happy to provide pictures or video of any of these). Start walking around as soon as you can. Again, the idea is not to get a workout in but just to create some blood flow.

  2. Consider visiting a pelvic health physiotherapist after baby. Your pregnancy and labor may have impaired your pelvic floor. A specialist can assess this as well as give recommendations on diastasis recti and wrapping.

  3. Get out. Put that baby in a stroller and start your stroller walk. It’s great for you to get fresh air and get moving. Plus, you’ll get stronger as baby gets bigger. Start small and build up slow. You can increase intensity when you feel ready by adding speed or hills.

  4. Hydrate. Water, water, water. This is especially necessary if you are breastfeeding. Keep water bottle by nursing station, in your stroller and around the house. Add some lemon or cucumber to keep it refreshing.

  5. Meditate. This is a great time to learn. Use times like nursing or napping to try breathing exercises. Use an app like Calm or Expectful to guide you through meditations. This is an important time to get mind right.

  6. Work On Your Posture. Your body went through some major changes during pregnancy. For most moms, they find that their head juts forward, shoulders round and hips tilt forward. It’s very important to get your body back into alignment. Do regular posture checks. Bring your head back, shoulders back, stand or sit tall and bring your hips to a neutral position.

  7. Find Your Village. While this may not seem like a postpartum tip, it will definitely support you as a new mom. As much fun as your baby is, you will need some adult connection. Find a group of moms to lean on, get support and share experiences.

  8. Join a mommy and me class. Classes like Stroller Strides will do double duty as you get back in shape, meet other new moms and have fun with your baby. Certified instructors will help ensure that you are properly restoring your body.

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