A New Way To Plan Your Year

The most successful people I know don’t just plan at the new year. They plan ALL YEAR. The plan, they work, they check in.

So think about the goals that we talked about last week for your year. What do you want to do in Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4? If that’s too overwhelming, just take on Q1. Set your SMART goals. Set metrics and milestones that you can check into during the quarter. Measure success and misses. And then do it again in Q2.

So maybe I should say that the goal isn’t your best year ever but your best 90 days ever! Then rinse, lather and repeat!

Remember, it’s better to pick just a few things that are super important to you and will make a difference in your life than a laundry list of wishes. Figure out what you want to focus on and how you will measure your success during the journey. But before you do all that, I want to give you one more thing to put on your 90 day plan.

Maybe you picked some business goals, or health goals or financial goals for yourself. But before you fill your calendar with all of these things, what if...just what if you first plugged in what will bring you joy and happiness. I know this probably sounds strange.

I got this idea from a successful speaker that I met years ago. Before he planned any of his work engagements, before he set any of his goals, he filled his calendar with things he knew would bring him and his family joy. He blocked out time on the calendar for vacation, time off, date nights, etc. He knew what the foundation needed to be for him to have a happy year. He then handed his calendar over to his assistants and teams and said, book it up so long as you protect these dates.

Now you might not have the money for a vacation and maybe you don’t have an assistant to hand your calendar to, but I bet you can put in your foundation some quality time off. My calendar gets filled first with an unplugged day once a quarter, a mommy morning once a month (which is simply a morning to do what I want) and a date night once a month. I also block off time for vacation and for a summer sabbatical where I unplug from technology and work.

Before you come up with excuses, which I did to before, ask yourself if they are really true.

I bet, I just bet that you could make it happen if it meant enough to you. You choose what you need to make you happy. And then just do it!

Something that can help you center yourself before you plan your calendar is developing a daily meditation routine. Not sure where to start? Get access to my personal meditations to help you reduce your stress and develop your own mommy morning.