Finding Your Passionate Purpose

Do you sometimes feel like you're drowning just trying to get through the day? We go through the motions trying to find our passionate purpose and feel like if we just keep striving for more it will just hit us over the head and be obvious. It's not usually that way.  

It is not uncommon for moms to have lost their passion. For many mom, their kids are their passion, and when their kids get older, the mom feels lost. However, some moms struggle to find their passion even in motherhood.

So let’s see if we can help you ignite your passion.

My goal is to help women find their passionate purpose.

If you are sitting down, I want you to grab a piece of paper and make a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles.

In the first circle, write down things you are good at...maybe even things you are great at

In the second circle, write down things you love to do

In the third circle, write down things that the world needs more of.

Where there is overlap is your passionate purpose.

Now this isn’t an easy one two three exercise. Some people go their entire lives without ever finding their passionate purpose. But now you at least have a tool to help lead the way.

So, let me take you through eight steps to help you find your passion.

  1. Lets’s start with what your passion is not. What things do you dread to do? Suck the life out of you? I know this is seemingly obvious. But those things are not your passion. 

  2. Your energy is a great indicator of passion. What things make you happy? Feel good? When are you in a flow state? When I do public speaking for instance, I am just a ball of positive energy. I love it. That is clearly a passion.

  3. Follow your curiosity. Curiosity is a wonderful thing and a thing often forgotten after childhood. If you had no pressures. No time constraints or money constraints, what would you be curious about? Where do you have a sense of wonder? Steve Jobs had a curious sense of wonder about typefaces. Weird right? Well that curiosity got him to take a class on typefaces. Later, that knowledge helped him greatly with design.

  4. Let go of that scarcity mentality.  When your mind is set in scarcity, it is blocking you from curiosity, wonder, possibility. Most people are deeply rooted in a scarcity mentality, thinking that there’s not enough. Not enough money, time. As you do these activities, switch to an abundance mentality. There is enough of everything.

  5. What does the world need? Think of all the things the world needs. From the environment to kids to animals. What specific problem in the world truly lights you up? Feeling that you can make a difference will bring you fulfillment and purpose in life.

  6. What makes you weird? I mean it. The thing that makes you uniquely you is probably tied in to your purpose and passion.

  7. Slow down. If you are so busy getting things done, you have no space to dream. To contemplate. We are human beings not human doings. If you want to find your passion, give yourself some free space to consider what that might be for you.

  8. Finally, just be open. Passion won’t appear under pressure. Live, go experience new things. Learn. When something lights up your heart, you will start to see your passion.

Once you have identified your passionate purpose with the above exercise - you must look at what your minimum effective dose for self care is to ensure you're taking care of yourself while pursuing your passion. When we go after something that lights us up - we sometimes forget to slow down and figure out our MED to keep our energy flowing. 

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