The Mommy Meditation Practice

By now, most of you know that I am a huge fan of meditation. I am not a guru, a hippie or whatever preconceived notion you have of people who meditate. I’m just a mom. A mom who wants to feel a little more peace. A mom who wants to feel a little less stress. A mom who wants to boost her immune system. But no matter how many posts I do, I still don’t think I’ve convinced you to give it a try.

Maybe you feel like it will be too hard.

But you can’t do it wrong.

Maybe you feel like you don’t have time.

But it will make you feel more refreshed for the time you have.

Maybe you just don’t know why it’s worth it.

Well how about any of these reasons…

  1. It increases happiness

  2. It decreases stress

  3. It increases your immune system

  4. It increases your focus

  5. It improves your cognitive function

  6. It lowers blood pressure

  7. Decreases pain

  8. It increases your brain volume (and yes a bigger brain is better!)

  9. It decreases anxiety

  10. It improves sleep

I could keep going.

Maybe you just don’t know what to do.

So easy. The idea with meditation is not to sit and have no thoughts. That's not even possible. The brain thinks. That’s just what it does. But when you sit and focus on a sound (like ocean waves) or a mantra (like So Hum which means "I am") or your breath (follow your breath as you inhale and exhale), it helps quiet your mind. There becomes more space between the thoughts.

Maybe you don’t have a minute away from your kiddos.

I bet you can find 5 minutes! But if you truly can’t, meditate with them. Meditate while breastfeeding. Meditate with your toddler. It will teach them how to calm themselves.

Now meditation is a practice. Which means you have to practice.

You will not get this overwhelming feeling of peace the first time you sit down. But the more you do it, the more you will get it.

Need some more direction?

Never has there been a better time to start meditating. Here are some of my absolute favorite meditation apps.

  1. Calm

  2. Headspace

  3. Insight Timer

  4. Smiling Mind

  5. Buddhify

And there are so many more! But really, you can just put a timer on and sit and listen to some sounds of nature.

Ready to get started?

I suggest that you pick a regular spot in your home to meditate. Maybe have a special pillow or candle which will help you anchor to being relaxed. Pick a small goal for time and commit to a regular time each day when possible. You don’t have to commit a lot of time. Just do it. A little bit each day. We all want to find more calm and peace so do yourself a favor and start your mommy meditations!

Get ready to create a life YOU LOVE to live with me!

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