The Art of Rest

I have noticed recently that we have lost the ability to rest. Worse yet, we seem to think poorly about it. We feel like we should always be busy. If we aren’t working or checking email or driving kids, then we are tidying the house or cooking or running errands.

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The Gift of Kindness

At this time of year, we are all thinking about what gifts to give. And as I sit down to make my list, the first thing I can think of is kindness. When I do retreats, I ask participants what word they would get if they were to get a single word intention tattoo….

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Simple Daily Joys

I’ve always been really good at getting things done. A master of my time, of conquering my to-do list. Being an entrepreneur and a new mom taught me how to maximize every hour of the day. But with all of this focus and productivity, something was always missing. I found myself exhausted physically and mentally at the end of every day.

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Stages of Business

I started my company 17 years ago. I was the typical solopreneur who did all the things. I taught the classes, handled customer service, marketing, you name it. And that lasted until it became too much, too full and I felt the pull of not enough hours.

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