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Lisa Druxman is the creator of FIT4MOM. Her programs such as Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Body Back are all part of the Fit4Mom family. Her upcoming book, The Empowered Mama will help you regain your time, your health and yourself. 

Lisa Druxman is a mom on a mission! It is her hope to inspire all moms to live a healthier life. Lisa is a motivational speaker, author and podcaster. She's a self proclaimed idea monkey, mompreneur and mama. She shares her life hacks on getting out of overwhelm and in to a life of health and happy!


Moms are the primary role model. That's why You taking care of you is the BEST way you can take care of your family!

 Jillian Michaels

"Lisa lives and breathes being the the best mom possible and has empowered so many, including myself, by deconstructing what stresses us out most. In this book, she shares her lifelong mission so everyone can learn how to become healthier, happier and thrive - and not be a hot mess basket case! With eye-opening tips, hacks and practical exercises to hone the best you, this is the manual to help you achieve what we all seek - positivity, peace and a blissed-out life. I know it will be your go-to guide and is a must-read for every mama-to-be."

Mareya Ibrahim

I’ve admired Lisa for so many years for her commitment to not only her own dreams but the aspirations of so many other women. Her values, priorities, and know-how present a unique approach that empowers others to dream big and attain much. Whether your goals are personal or professional, Lisa can help you reach them today!

Maria Bailey Host of Mom Talk Radio


"To get better results, you need to know where you are at, first. Lisa provides great tools to help you assess yourself then help you act better, not perfect, more often to get the results you crave. What a gift!"

Ashley Koff RD, founder of The Better Nutrition Program